Friday, February 09, 2007

Thinking too much again

i don't want to make a big deal about this, but these things bother me a little...

why is it that people can get up early, get dressed, take care of the kids, make a lengthy drive and manage to get to work or school on time...all the time...but can't get to church on time?

why is it that we will stand and passionately cheer our favorite athletic team, but sit quiet and motionless during the time we worship the greatness of the king of the universe?

why do we cry over the loss of our pets, but not over the thousands who die every day in darfur?

why do we know the names and plots and characters of countless movies and tv shows, but don't know the names of the twelve apostles?

why do we consider school events more worthy of our time and money than church events for our children?

why can we walk for hours at the mall or stand for hours at sporting event, but our legs get weary when we have to stand up to sing two songs at church?

would we read our bibles if they had more pictures?

why is it so hard to give 10% of our income to god through the church, when we don't think twice about spending the other 90% on ourselves?

why is it so difficult to accept that some people have got it wrong? why does that fact have to be deemed "judgmental" or "intolerant"?

why is it so hard to walk up to someone we don't know and start a conversation?

why is it so important to get revenge? why can't we control our anger...even when we know it's doing no good for anybody...including us?

when will we realize that worry is a sin and a blatant distrust of god as our provider?

when will it dawn on us that hanging around christians all the time is like living in a ghetto?

why is gossip soooo acceptable among christians?

why is it more important for us to be right, rather than to do right?

just what i was thinking tonight.


Greg said...

you and your questions!

hope you have a great week, man

Wendy said...

order of importance
spiritual opposition
personal pride

...Man does the list ever go on and on...and on...

basically, we are all losers and stupid and need a Savior.