Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Life is unfair

i have a good friend of mine who lost his 40k -plus full benefits job recently. unexpected. unplanned for. no discussion. no debate. no recourse. his place of employment just decided not to renew his contract. severed relationships. broken hearts and broken promises. just cruel business as usual.

he owns a home. drives a car. married. two little boys. food expenses. doctor bills. insurance premiums. utilities. just a normal guy trying to live a normal life. lover of god. lover of people. a huge lover of life.

denial. depression. frustration. anger. retaliation. worry. fear. deep sadness. anxiety. doubt. sarcasm. cynicism. vulnerability. hope. faith. determination. resolve. he's felt it all.

i hurt deeply for him, but i trust god even more. i know he does, also. but it's still tough. i wonder what i would do if that happened to me. i wonder what you would do if it happened to you. would you remain true? would your faith sustain you? would you remain resolved to do the right thing and stay faithful to your commitment to the kingdom?

i'm grateful it didn't happen to me. i'm grateful that i have the example of my friend's life of faithfulness and determination. i still wish this would have never happened to him.


Binxy said...

It is so difficult to as the song goes "praise you in the storm"...

I did have an interesting conversation w/ my daughter the other day and we were discussing why even good people die or have people they love die and I made the comment "Bad things happen to good people" - thinking that would help her understand the whole of it....her response "Well, shouldn't we all be BAD then?" =)

Just as the rains on the just and the unjust. =)

LTechie said...

I have been through similar times and felt similar emotions.

I can vouch the the fact that God is bigger than it all and will seem them through it. How? When? Those are things only God can answer.

I pray for him and his family as he struggles to rebound from this and find a better job and be refreshed. It is much harder looking for work than it is to perform the work.

God bless you, my brother, and your family and situation!