Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Informing or inviting?

i was reading something today and this guy made a good point about the difference between informing someone about the church you are a part of...and inviting someone to come and join the experience.

most of us are pretty willing to inform. when asked, we will generously admit that we attend a church. sometimes, we are even willing to inform them of the church we attend. "i go to north point", we say..."we're located on the corner of mill and college in old town"...but seldom going much deeper with the conversation. unfortunately.

on the other hand, an invitation is something totally different. an invitation is informative and personal. it's interactive. it communicates interest and care and that church matters. and the cool thing about invitations is that people, especially friends, seldom say no!

to invite someone to north point this coming weekend might sound something like this:

"hey, i go to this really cool church in old town. it's been around for a while, but it's like we're a brand new church. it's not huge, but there are all kinds of people who come...young and old, christians, people who are far from god, and people who are nothing at all! our sunday morning meeting is pretty simple and understandable and the best part is...it only lasts an hour! why don't you meet me there at 11:00 this sunday...and then we could grab some lunch afterwards?"

now that's inviting...and i promise you, it's almost impossible to turn down!

any takers this week?

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