Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Discussions on baptism

i was having a discussion with scott tonight about baptism and it got me thinking about some things that i haven't thought about for a while...

the other day i wrote about the division we have as family...and the fallout over those differences of opinion. one of the topics that believers disagree on...sometimes the theology of baptism.

i can remember my days in bible college and seminary and the endless debates (er, discussions) we had over the form, meaning and purpose of baptism. it was always such a favorite. we got very good at articulating our position and undermining those who were obviously inferior theologically. we talked sprinkling, pouring,and immersing. we talked age of accountability. we talked the sovereignty of God and how predestination and baptism were related. we talked infant baptism, believers baptism, holy spirit baptism, fire baptism, Jesus' baptism, membership baptism, catholic baptism, baptist baptism, ethiopian baptism, household baptism, and the ever-popular water regeneration. we talked...a lot.

we asked questions that made us feel smart and overly spiritual. "do you have to be baptized to be saved?" "how young is too young to be baptized?" "is it ok to be re-baptized?" "what are the right words to say when you're baptized?" "can women baptize?" "is there more than one kind of baptism?" "does your baptism come with any guarantees?" "can a person be baptized the wrong way?" "who says?" "is baptism just a symbol or does something actually happen to us during our baptism?" "is our baptism the moment we are saved?" "do you have to repent before you get baptized?" "how much?" may brain is getting tired just remembering...

what questions do you have?

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