Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Politics and labels

i'm really tired of political "spin"... frankly, i'm weary of politics in general. those democrats... those republicans... as if either side really cared about anything more than the next election. there's a reason i never talk about politics. the moment you start talking, you label yourself... and the moment you put a label on yourself, everyone from the other side feels like they know all about you. what you think. what you believe. what your values are. what you are passionate about. what motivates you. baloney.

i'm tired of labels and i'm more tired of people assuming they know something about a person just because they know their label. baptist. post-modern. veteran. university student. black. californian. hunter. pro-life. divorced. artist. cowboy fan. stop assuming!

would it bother you to know that kinky is starting to make sense to me? don't assume...

1 comment:

lohobrown said...

i take it you mean kinky friedman -- not the lifestyle???
couldn't resist =)

seriously, i like your thoughts and agree wholeheartedly