Friday, November 17, 2006

A measuring stick

here's an excerpt of an article out of christianity today, about something that's going on this week at the church in colorado springs, where the pastor was fired for sexual misconduct...

First comes news that not all members of New Life Church will be able to vote on Haggard's successor at the church. "Only those who can prove they have contributed money to the church during the tax year 2005 will be able to vote in the selection process to choose Haggard's successor in the pulpit," Pueblo Chieftain columnist Chuck Green reports. A church spokesman tells him that a tax statement or church receipt are, "in a sense, your admission ticket."

what do you think? should people who contribute money to a church be given more privileges and responsibilities at that church? is giving money to support the ministry of a local church a measuring stick of one's commitment and worth as a "member"?


Ross Garison said...

I don't they fear that without proof of involvement there may be tampering with the voting? I don't like that on the surface, but I also can't come up with a viable alternative other than no regulation at all.

bonzimmer said...

Church members should be treated equally within a church... after all, that's how God sees us.

Unfortunately, when outsiders look at a church, the only thing they can look at is the checkbooks of the church members. It's too bad that hard work doesn't count the same way, since that is all some people can give (and I also believe that hard work when done for God in the right ways is more important than $ - especially money given for the wrong reasons).

larry said...

I think the local congregation's membership criteria should determine voting priviledges.
I don't think if I send money to some congregation in support of their ministry that it gives me voting priviledges.

Guess I'd summarize it by saying I think membership is the key, not contributions.