Saturday, January 13, 2007


went out shopping this afternoon to buy some things before the world ends due to ice over the next couple of days. while walking the aisles of my least favorite favorite store, i ran into three different people who have left north point over the years.

i really wish them all well. really. i don't know the whole story of why they chose to move on. i never will. but i wish them well.

i wonder why people choose the churches they do? big church. lots of people. small church. everybody knows your name. music of today. music from my childhood. cool facilities. lots of options. clear focus. good people. good programs. opportunities to serve. they need me. they want me. they don't need me. they still want me. the preacher is awesome. the preacher tries real hard. great leadership. incredible vision. people who are like me. people who are really different than me. they're authentic. they're real. they're friendly. i don't have to waste a lot of gas driving to the building. they don't make me feel guilty. they motivate me to be better than i was yesterday. it's casual. it's formal. they act like a real church. they don't act like a church.

ok, i made my own head spin...

i love it when people choose to come to north point. i hate it when people choose to leave. every time. but when they do, i wish them well.

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