Thursday, January 11, 2007

The power of play

it is amazing to me what happens to a group of people when they decide to just have some fun. shortcomings are overlooked. mistakes are poked at, but then laughter takes over. problems are forgotten. people who have different jobs and likes and dislikes and worries and fears lay them down for a while, and all is well with the world...even if it's just for a few moments. and god is pleased.

we don't play enough. we are so serious in our relationships. our memories are long and we get robbed of the moment. forgiveness and compassion and understanding and grace and spontaneity and wonder are sometimes really foreign ideas that have no place in our day to day. we don't like what people do. we don't like what people do to us and ours. honestly, if we would just play more, life would be a lot better.

there is a time and place for serious and grave and important and solemn and somber and stern and crucial and critical. but like king solomon said, "...there's a time for everything." there is a balance in life that is to be lived. there is also a time time for play and fun and whimsy and sport and laughter.

find your balance today. god wouldn't have it any other way.


Anonymous said...

so is wanda looking for a table full of friends for a good round of "spoons"?

Wendy said...

The trouble comes for me when I play I start feeling guilty about not working and "getting things done" - that choleric drive I was born with...

Take right now - I'm trying to relax and just read but I know I have tons of writing and editing work to do so I can enjoy the weekend!