Monday, March 26, 2007

Mexico 2007

i'm always consumed with our spring break mexico trip for a couple of weeks. here's a few thoughts from this year's trip...
  • after all these years, i still love to hear singing around the campfire
  • work trips bring out the best...and sometimes the people
  • i love the people of mexico
  • i am always reminded that mexico is a "work in progress". unlike our country, where people have to have things right now, the people there are content to build with what they have and are willing to wait until they have a little more to continue. the patience and contentment blows me away!
  • there's a lot of nothing between dallas and el paso
  • bucket showers get easier with age
  • leaving wanda for a week at a time does not get easier with age
  • i wish i were in a place that required me to learn to speak spanish
  • there is something really empowering about serving
  • it was awesome to see our college young people step up into leadership on this trip
  • there is much that the rich can learn from the poor
  • it's fun to listen to middle school kids pray out loud for meals
  • road markers are much easier to drive by than street signs
  • there was more dust than ever
  • it is an incredible experience to build an entire house by hand
  • everybody should have the experience
  • deep life change for young people begins on trips like these
  • it's always good to get home!


luke said...

Those bucket showers will never get easier!!!! Ever.

Wendy said...

Can't wait until the KitKat is older and I can more feasibly be a part of this!

I love how you describe this - b/c I know it is from the heart.