Friday, March 02, 2007

You gotta check this out!

my friend bill passed on a story to me tonight that i think is amazing and needs to be shared with as many as possible.

his daughter has a close friend who has a cousin who lives in australia (did you get all of that?) his name is nick and he has no arms and no legs. it is a truly amazing story and he tells some of it at a televised church service in southern california. here's the link to the broadcast:

his name is nick vujicic and you need to scroll down to where his name appears as a special guest.

you need to set aside a few minutes to listen to his story and be inspired. all i'll say right now is that it's time to stop whining and get busy serving the god of wonders...


bonzimmer said...
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bonzimmer said...


Nick Vujicic is determined to serve the Lord despite his arms and no legs. He does so by speaking to others and inspiring them to stop whining and get busy.

Thank you for sharing.