Monday, August 21, 2006

A political insight

could you imagine what it would be like if our next presidential election offered a candidate who tried to appeal to the "religious right" with platform of anti-gossip, anti-anger, anti-greed, and anti-racism?

would he get the same kind of support as a candidate whose platform was anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality? sad to say, but i don't think so. it saddens me to think that so many people feel that christians are narrow-minded, intolerant, tunnel-visioned, and irrelevant. unfortunately, i think we earn that reputation more often than not.

i'm not suggesting that all sins are the same. clearly, the consequences of certain sins carry much greater outcomes, but i gotta tell you, i am growing weary of the "we're better than you" smugness of the church. we love to identify the sins of others while we turn a blind eye to our own. we draw attention to the gross and twisted lifestyle of others, but refuse to accept responsibility for the hurt and alienation our own sin causes. it is no wonder those people who are committing the "biggies" don't feel welcome around those of us who only commit the small ones...

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