Wednesday, August 16, 2006


I had a major "sweatfest" today. Three times, I had a full-on, soak-through-your-clothes, stick-to-your-seat, hold your nose, take a shower, change your underwear kind of sweat! In my 40-plus years in SoCal, my body never saw sweat like this...not in high school or college football, not on the hottest days at summer camp, not on my wedding day. I love summer in Texas...

A bunch of years ago, Tim Hansel wrote a book called "Holy Sweat". He wrote about the effort side of following Christ. The side where we work and serve and give and grind things out in a difficult world that is calling for obedient followers to step up and live the way Jesus did.It's an amazing thing that God can take our sweaty, smelly, imperfect little effort and turn it into a sanctified experience for the benefit of others. mmmm....anybody got a towel?

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