Friday, September 07, 2007

Check this out

ok, this is the real deal... i think i have a new hero.

now here's what i'm thinking. you may or may not get into the style of music. that's not the point. this is a guy who has absolutely no formal training. what he has is a gift. it's simply what he's wired to do. it's in his blood. it's his purpose and his passion. it flows out of him. he is who he is. he's comfortable in his own skin. what about you? what has god wired you to do? what's in your blood? what were you created for? what do you throw yourself into with reckless abandon? check out this next video. he is for real. i think i'm addicted to his videos...

still think he's not for real? this one will seal the deal. go check out ronald jenkees videos on youtube. i love this guy!

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Binxy said...

I went to college with this guy...although I think he went by a different last name as I don't remember the whole "jenkees" thing.

In fact, I was just talking about him the other day to Mike when he made a comment about me being blind as a bat - I told him he hadn't seen anything and desribed how this guy scrunched up to the computer screen.

Not many people were kind to him - he was sort of strange - the finger snapping was nothing - and he talked alot to himself and well, sometimes you just felt that the room was crowded enough with his "close friends" around him that none of us could see. =)

Amazing to see how a no-mistake God uses people that most consider "unusable".

- Can't you just picture this guy jamming with Kravitz? That would be something.