Sunday, September 02, 2007

Sunday night exhale...

this was a really good sunday at north point.

it was awesome to listen to the singing in the second service today! the energy while we were singing wholly was pretty incredible. i don't think i've ever heard us sing like that before.

i was a little nervous about labor day attendance, but what was i thinking?

i really like eating at raising canes. best chicken fingers around.

i watched the appalachian state - michigan football game yesterday. it would suck to be a michigan fan today. david conquered goliath in an epic battle. unbelievable. it reminded me again why we love sports so much.

i heard some people talk about the episode where miss south carolina made a name for herself. i finally saw it on the internet. take a look for yourself. bless heart little heart...

i have been looking forward to september 9th for the past five or six weeks. i can't believe it's just a week away. underground is going to be awesome! it makes me miss youth ministry more than i want to tell you.

in spite of that, i am even more excited to begin my new sermon series, living life at the intersection. i don't think i have ever looked forward to a series more than this one. i am praying that god will use it to change the life of our church family!

if you are not planning to be at the wednesday night bible study through the book of romans, i promise you are going to miss out! this book of the bible is so amazing. i can't imagine how a follower of christ could ever be faithful to kingdom living without understanding it.

nobody invited me to join their fantasy football league this year. i really feel left out. so i joined one on my own. i guess i'm just going to have to kick some butts of people i don't know.

tomorrow i start drinking two liters of water everyday for a month to get ready for my yearly trip to the colorado wilderness. i hate the taste of lewisville water in the fall.

i gotta finish painting the outside of my house this week. it's only taken all summer.

the adult fall bowling league starts in 16 days. anybody else counting?

can't wait to see what our song set will be for this sunday morning. i really love the way we do music and worship at north point.

hope you enjoy your labor day. or if you're a slacker and don't read this until thursday...well, i don't know what to say. just joking.


Binxy said...

The songs were pretty awesome today!

I have to disagree about Raising Cane's - ewh....we won't even talk about their special sauce. Viva La Difference!

This afternoon we drove to Wills Point, TX to see the spider canopy - sort of creepy, very fascinating.

I'm checking your blog tonight b/c my brain and life are going to be buried in writing world this week - 20+ articles to get done. Hmm...

Romans? Wednesday? Huh? I am so not "with" the new North Point Schedule for the fall...I do know that bowling on 18th is on...

As to "underground" - cool concept - great videos - although I was waiting for the gutteral yell as a sewer rat chopped down on the one brave enough to go walking in the dark tunnel alone. Must have been something residual from watching Ted Dekker's Thr3e this weekend. Can't wait to hear more of how that ministry takes our middle/high school/college to the next level.

Binxy cont... said... to Miss SC...hey at least she looked good.

But in her defense - what answer to that question WOULD sound intelligent? Geesh...what was she supposed to do - start attacking the very country she is vying to represent? Please.

Anonymous said...

Wow - maybe wait until Monday to write the blog!
Whenever someome says "bless their little heart" you know it's not going to be good (likely it's gossip!)- that was painful to watch!