Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday night exhale

this was a good sunday. it was great to start this new preaching series on living life at the intersection. i am really pumped about continuing this next sunday. all i gotta say is watch out for detours when you come to intersections...

it sounds like we are off to a great start at underground. they had 60 show up for the first night! it's been a while since we had that many and it's only going to get better.

i really like the sound of the underground band. their hard work has really paid off.

i was all excited for it to rain today. all we got was a bunch of stinking humidity. what's up with that?

i thought it was pretty cool when the loud crash of thunder exploded right when we went into the silent prayer time at communion. i'm still wondering how debbie arranged for that to happen.

i know it doesn't make us better than anybody else, but i am really grateful that we are a church family that takes communion every sunday. i just don't get it when other say that it loses its meaning when we take it so often. pardon my language, but those people are nuts.

the chargers are off to a good start. 14-3 over the nfc champion bears is a good victory. some will say the bears played poorly and that's why the bolts won. i say that sounds like an excuse that losers give.

i just got through watching the cowboys win their first game, also. romo is the real deal. the cows defense is suspect. cow fans should be concerned.

one last football comment. it must really suck to be a michigan fan today. just thought i'd let you know.

looking forward to starting our romans study this week. i think this study is really going to make a difference in the lives of our adults. if you're reading this, you better have a good reason for not being there if i don't see you wednesday.

i ate at cabana and chipotle today. bad for my health, but good for my stomach...

"my glorious" is a great worship song. i'm glad we get to sing it.

we're going to be doing two new worship songs in the next month that are amazing. huge energy. fun to sing. you may have new favorites after we do these songs.

we will officially cancel our landline phone at home this week. we are going totally cell phone. it seems wierd. no home phone. man, have times changed.

do you like watching "flip that house"? it is some of the best stuff to watch on tv. that and 24. for the record, the countdown has begun. four months and counting.

have a great week at your intersections.


Binxy said...

That's awesome numbers for underground - are there any flyers or anything for it? Can we get copies of the videos to send out?

Yeah - the thunder crashing was pretty spectacular. Sort of a "I am here." - God sort of moment.

It is interesting that you mentioned communion. Coming out of religionese central I was taught that communion was this special time absorbed once every special quarter and only on a fifth sunday night that seemingly was centered on making one feel that if you took it and had ANY unconfessed sin - even if you couldn't remember what you did wrong or not - that you were going to get sick from the communion crackers and grape juice and die and be forever cut off from God because you took of his body/blood "unworthy"...uhm, yeah. When we first came to North Point I'll admit it was strange doing communion every week and not attaching it to reading of the "Lord's Supper" and "Lord's Prayer" - having a time of "silent confession", etc. followed by a time of reminder by a dutiful pastor that if you felt you were unworthy to bypass the plate and by doing so become the topic of gossip and debate as to what YOUR hidden sin was. It was mind-boggling to me that something as seemingly insignificant as just taking a communion cracker and saying "thank you God for your gift for me" and drinking a small fraction of an ounce of grape juice and just being reminded that yeah, I wasn't worthy - but with God completing me...I am. Amazing how something that was so slobbered over by religion become so tangible with less pomp and ceremony.

No comment on sports - all of my teams WERE great and I don't want to be a laughing stock. =)

Anonymous said...


we've made an official myspace for underground. (yes, that site runs on filth, but all the kids have them, and it's a great way to stay in touch and "in the world") it's pretty well setup. all available videos will be posted or linked. still needs a few minor tweaks and additional info, but it's a start!