Thursday, September 14, 2006

All ministry

walt meuller is a writer, speaker, pastor and a guy that probably knows more about today's youth culture than anyone i next few posts are going to be some observations about some things he wrote recently in his brand new book about how to reach young people with the message of Jesus.

"Approach teenagers as a cross-cultural mission field. To effectively engage the emerging generations you must remember that there is a cultural gap that you are responsible to span. Their world is not your world. Consequently, you are a cross-cultural missionary who must employ the incarnational approach God used when he sent his Son into the world. God came to us as one of us. He entered into human culture, living and using human language and customs. Knowing their language, culture, and lifestyles helps us contextualize the unchanging message in forms that are familiar to youth."

all of ministry is supposed to be cross-cultural ministry. all of ministry is supposed to be incarnational ministry. the more i am at this ministry thing, the more i am coming to realize that we have to be able to know the language that everyone speaks, know the culture and background that everyone has been formed in, know the lifestyles, values, ethics, priorities, hopes, dreams, beliefs, worries, fears, preconceptions, and assumptions that people have so that we can interact with them in a way that makes sense, shows sensitivity, affirms dignity, and opens the door to relationship.

for anybody. for everybody.

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