Monday, September 11, 2006

Monday Night Football

ok, i'll admit's nearly midnight and i'm still up watching my beloved chargers do battle against the hated raiders in the opening game of this year's football season. i love the start of the season. there's no question that i'm a fan. but every year, i am amazed at the level of wackiness that raider fans reach. i sit in absolute shock at the passion, dedication, sold-out craziness that these weirdos have...their costumes, their intimidation, their loyalty, their lunacy.

as i watch them tonight, dressed up like criminals posing as rock star groupies lost on their way to a kiss reunion concert, i found myself saying, "why don't you people get a life?!" and then it hit me.

they have a life. they have a cause. they have fully committed themselves to be fiercely loyal, fearless, reckless disciples. they don't care about what people think of them. they are totally single minded. their obsession with the raiders is scary. really scary. and make no mistake about it...they have a life.

followers of Christ could learn a thing or two from these outrageous bizarros. what would the kingdom on earth be like if it's citizens were as openly devoted to the things of God as our creepy neighbors from nocal...? maybe it's time for us to get a life.

monday night postscript: i'll take the win, but i hate "marty ball".

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