Friday, September 01, 2006

Unsafety part three

the church is not a safe place because Jesus is not a safe leader.

he summons us to die. he commands us to leave behind those things that are comfortable, reliable, trustworthy, and secure, in order to follow his lead. family, friends, education, occupation, savings accounts, reputation, and possessions are all seen as negotiable baggage and potential hindrances to lives of faith.

risk is a necessary component to a life of full surrender. for faith to run its full course in our lives, something must be at stake. there needs to be a cost. if nothing is on the line, then...nothing is really on the line!

we are called to run the race of faith with the reckless abandon of a crazed football player running down the field on the opening kickoff to plunge headfirst into a wall of 280 lb. linemen. fearless. no regard for self preservation. single-minded passion.

we have been recruited into a battle where the enemy is more hidden than osama. more crafty than a thief in the night. more demented than a serial killer. more evil than hitler. more perverted than a child molester. more real than we know.

Jesus lovingly demands that his followers give up everthing, hold tightly to nothing, go anywhere, and expect nothing in return except the words "well done".

the church is not a safe place.

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