Monday, September 25, 2006

Is God at work?

this morning i read about a church that had 8,200 people come to their church services yesterday...they also had 214 decisions to follow Christ. the author of the article was telling of the amazing things that God is doing in this church. he then wrote about the "four point strategy" that this church uses that other churches need to use...i assume in order to see God work in their church the same way.

i have nothing against the "four point strategy". it seems pretty logical to me. i'm certainly not against having 8,200 in church on sunday. i think i understand why those kind of churches don't serve communion every sunday, tho... some would probably accuse me of being jealous of the success of large churches. i can't say i'm totally immune from those feelings. we live in a "bigger means better" kind of culture. when i meet people and they find out that i'm a pastor, the first question they ask is almost always, "what denomination?" that question is usually chased with the ever-popular "how big is it?" inquiry...always one of my favorites.

is size evidence of God's blessing? can we safely assume that if we are getting bigger, God is at work? if we follow a proven "four point strategy", should we expect to have the kind of explosive growth that the early church saw in the book of acts?

does God like big churches better?

what do you think?


Ross Garison said...

I don't think a four-point strategy would transcend time enough for me to prescribe to it in the long run.

Numbers are good, but I don't think you can question a church's relevance based on them. You won't find a megachurch in the sticks of Wyoming, but I'll bet you can find a relevant church there...

Bonnie said...

I think it's quality not quantity that matters.

Are they creating Sunday church-goers or true Christians? My experience with the bigger churches is that they might have the numbers, but that's about it. Some turn away people who aren't "like them", others talk about the generalities but miss the important points (they just touch the surface in order not to offend)...

There might be a great megachurch somewhere but I haven't found it.