Friday, December 08, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas

finally put up the christmas tree tonight...still have a lot more work to do, though. doing the christmas thing is different now that our boys are grown and out of the house. not that they helped very much when they were here!

i think a lot during this time of the year. i remember my parents. my mom loved christmas. she was pretty festive. my dad loved the surprise. he was a gift-giver and surprising me with something really cool was what he was all about. even at 52, it's still good to remember.

i'm a lot like my parents. i've grown to be a festive kind of guy. i like when our home is decorated and the smell of the douglas fir tree fills the entire house. we've collected a bunch of tree ornaments through the years. many of them have a story. i like to remember those stories.

just like my dad, i love the surprise. i still work at trying to figure out ways to surprise my boys. i wonder if it's going to be wierd to try to surprise them when i'm 70. maybe it will be time for them to surprise me...

i think that's the best part of christmas...the surprise. it reminds me that there are still surprises in the world...that i don't know everything and that god remains in the business of breathing and moving and blowing fresh air through my life...much like the smell of the fir tree in my living room.

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