Saturday, December 30, 2006

The List

2006 is almost over and i'm feeling...well, pretty grateful. i'm not nostalgic or weepy or sappy or particularly reflective. just grateful. here are a handful of reasons why:
  • a new season of 24 is getting ready to begin.
  • stellar year for my beloved chargers.
  • my son got married. my son got married. my son got married. sheesh.
  • i have a daughter-in-law. i couldn't have picked a better partner for my son.
  • the grass in my front yard is almost all the way back.
  • the leaves are almost all picked up. almost.
  • i read about 15 really good books this year. really good books.
  • i still get to watch my other son play baseball. i love bleachers and seeds.
  • i needed to sell my old truck. i have another one now and it runs better. it's amazing how 235k miles can still run well.
  • fall arrived again.
  • 32 years of marriage.
  • 35 years of ministry.
  • 25 years of parenting.
  • 42 years of being a padre fan.
  • i own a house.
  • my dad always bought a real christmas tree every year. so do i. you can't beat the smell.
  • color television.
  • the internet. i am blown away by the access i have to books, resources, study helps, commentaries, and historical documents for sermon and lesson building...all at my fingertips.
  • my ankles work reasonably well. the surgeries are holding. i still can't dunk a basketball, but i don't think bad ankles are the problem.
  • i pastor at a church that doesn't place me in a box.
  • i got to go to colorado again this year to help mentor young youth ministers. i love staying connected to my roots.
  • baja fresh and cabana. fresh mex. tex mex.
  • the drive to tyler, instead of the drive to vernon.
  • the church building renovation is finished. well, almost.
  • our staff at north point. loyalty, friendship, devotion, camaraderie, openness, and shared vision are priceless.
  • the awareness that i have a life partner that is steadfast, faithful, and full of more integrity than anyone i have ever met. marriage is still fun, fulfilling, satisfying, and purposeful. wow.
  • the bowl season.
  • music. loud and raucous. quiet and contemplative.
  • my recliner. i wonder how they got them all into the upper room...
  • a consistent salary and more than enough money to do everything and have everything we could ever need...and most everything we could ever want.
  • contentment, joy, peace, hope, security, significance, purpose, confidence, gratitude and love.

really...who could ask for more?

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Vinnie said...

Hey Mike,
Sorry i didn't leave my name. This is Vince Delorme... Great to hear about Chris .... that is awesome .... Winike is Hawaiian for Vince ... It sounds like you're doing great... that is good to know.... anyhows... have a great day!!! btw... my email is