Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A new day spa

i was watching the news tonight and it was giving a report on a new whole foods market in dallas where you can give the "concierge" your shopping list and let him shop for you...while you go to the market's day spa and get your massage and other spa amenities. as you wander through the market, you can even listen to the opera singer announce when the fresh bread is ready!

ok, so i'm much does this cost? better yet, what kind of person is going to take advantage of this "service"? and, more importantly, who would ever admit to this kind of opulent lifestyle?

i know this is pretty judgmental on the rich and famous, but in a day and age when the number of the world's poor and needy continues to escalate in ways we cannot even come close to comprehending...shouldn't we be standing up and saying "enough, already"?

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