Thursday, December 07, 2006

A question

here's a great no win question...

what's worse... a liberal, tolerant believer who won't make a stand for the authoritative truth of God... or a narrow, judgmental prude who won't reach out to a corrupt and dying world?

how about liberal, tolerant believers who still stand for the authoritative truth of God and are not afraid to get their hands dirty in a messy world? is this possible? i think we can win with this one!

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Steve said...

I once the knew this guy who worked for AMOR ministries and hung out at Featherstone Christian Camp. He befriended the local youth guys and became a real blessing to them.

For some reason he moved to Texas and although he was gone, we often talked of how he changed the way we viewed ministry and marriage amd parenting and the church and missions and integrity.

We think about him occasionaly and how much of a blessing he was to all of us.

If you ever see him, tell him hi for all of us!