Monday, June 04, 2007

Ability quotients

alan nelson is a writer with group publishing and he posted an article about healthy churches recently:

One goal of healthy churches is to maximize people’s strengths and to minimize their weaknesses, and it’s best accomplished by matching people with jobs that take full advantage of their strengths. This goal requires leaders to be excellent judges of their churches’ needs as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their people. I have found the following seven ability quotients to be helpful in aligning people’s strengths with organizational needs.

1) Intelligence quotient. People with high IQs enjoy complex, conceptual projects, whereas those with lower IQs are best suited for concrete, task-oriented roles.
2) People quotient. Folks with high PQs are good with others, excel in customer service, and enjoy highly visible roles. Those with low PQs work best behind the scenes, often at task-oriented jobs.
3) Energy quotient. People with high EQs (rabbits) enjoy having plenty to do. Those with low EQs (turtles) are not necessarily lazy, but they resist being pressured or asked to do more.
4) Resource quotient. People with high RQs generously give their time, talent, or treasure. Those with low RQs may be sincere and dedicated, but they aren’t eager to share their personal resources.
5) Attitude quotient. Attitudes are contagious, so put people with positive AQs where they’ll influence others. Steer those with negative AQ’s away from influential roles.
6) Motivational quotient. Motivation is the engine that drives all the other quotients. People with high MQs are eager to commit to organizational goals, whereas those with low MQs resist. (Leaders are MQ raisers.)
7) Spirituality quotient. It should go without saying that churches must be lead by folks who have achieved high levels of spiritual maturity. People with high SQs are solid and mature. Those with low SQs often vacillate in their spiritual commitments and become defeated quickly.

Many, if not most, organizational problems arise when people are placed in positions that demand more than their quotients allow. A careful evaluation of both people and expectations is therefore critical to the success of any church.

i'm curious. are you where you need to be? are you doing what you should be doing? what quotients do you excel in? which ones do you feel are holding you back? what should you be doing about it?


luke said...

The biggest task of a leader is placing people in a posistion to succeed. You have to find an ability a person has and have them build on it.

please email me and let me know what quotient I fit into. I can't wait to find out.

Wendy - additionally known as Binxy said...

I think I'm starting to get on the right track as to where I should be in the church and what I should be doing as meshes with all of the quotients mentioned...I know that I get really excited about Project Connect events b/c it works with kids/tweens/adults but is not so intellectual and detailed it is painful.

The only area I feel that I should be doing something more in is something music...but I know with young kidlets that might not be the area God wants me to be plugged in and etc.

Wow...I think, I'm kinda like Luke - I'm not sure what quotient, honestly I fit into best? It would be easy for you to just tell us - but somethings we have to figure out and be gutsy enough to claim it, right?

All my ideas seem to be just weird and complex. lol I need to work on Parsimony as it relates to my ability. =)

Anonymous said...

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