Monday, June 18, 2007

Pastoral counseling

i really don't want to be insensitive to the deep problems and complicated histories that people have, or to the damaging effects of sinful behavior, but there are some days i feel like the best thing i can say to people is...well, see for yourself: - Stop It!


luke said...

That would be really funny if it wasn't so true...

Binxy said...

Oh...yeah...that's good therapy. =)

Frankly, I like that Dr. Phil "How's That Workin' For Ya'" and Dr. Laura's straight to the point style.

Just what I needed to put the horrible time dealing with the nutcase owner and managers of Econo Lube N' Tube on Main Street who are just asking for a deceptive trade lawsuit into perspective. =) Gonna "stop them" and go with someone else - Got nice people you can recommend? Also, know of anyone who is willing and able to tolerate meanness, rudeness, high pressure sales tactics and more in order to get "free" oil changes and other free inspection and discounted services - I am more than willing to give them the cards that I have good for the services...I personally don't want to hurt someone over an oil change. lol =)

I've got better things to just need to STOP IT! =)