Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Big Week

my apologies to the faithful blog readers. i took a hiatus. i hope you understand. the tank was empty, but it's starting to refill. i'll be back.

ok, in the past week, i got to experience my yearly festival of celebration...father's day, my anniversary, and my birthday. think about it. a week that's all about me. here are my numbers:
  • 25...years as a dad
  • 32...years of marriage
  • 53...years inhabiting the planet

i think it's time to break out the party favors.


Binxy said...

Boogers! I knew I was forgetting something...I just looked at my calendar and realized that your was a little over a week know - I hope you had a great time celebrating....

Wow...those are some cool numbers...congrats on your anniversary =) and our family is definitely glad that God put you on the planet.

larry said...

Be careful about breaking out those party favors. Folks our age could get hurt.....

Congratulations on all the numbers. I second binxy's statement: we are glad you are here!!!