Sunday, June 10, 2007

Comfort and conviction

i read a quote this afternoon that really made me think...

"If you have courage, you will influence people based on your convictions. If you lack courage, you will influence people based on your comfort zones. Courage will take you anywhere you believe God is leading you. Without courage, you will go where you are comfortable."

courage is a virtue that i want to have. i know that i have convictions. i know that i want to influence people. i know that influencing people is a difficult road...if i stick to my convictions. the problem is that i will frequently run back to my comfort zones of wanting people to like me or wanting to stay out of conflict or not wanting people to be hurt.

if i really believe that god is leading me, courage is the only thing that will allow me to follow... because when god is leading, he is never concerned with my comfort. he is only concerned with truth and what is best for his kingdom.

that should be a comforting thought...


Anonymous said...

so so counterintuitive.

Binxy said...

Wow...we were on the same wave length today - just "words" apart.

I read your blog after posting one of my own about "Shaking, not Safe" - how living like Jesus requires us to get out of our comfort zones, etc.

That balance between comfort and conviction is the biggest challenge to Believers.

Thxs 4 sharing. =)